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General overview:

With the market comprising of so many sex toys for the ladies as well as for the males, one can pretty much understand that sex toys are quite popular among all sections of the society. They were earlier considered as items not meant for general public usage, but all that has changed and these sex toys constitute and important part in every one’s sex life.

However not all sex toys are considered to be good in terms of its quality.  Just like everything else, in the market one would find a mixed quality of sex toys. That is why experts always recommend purchasing such toys from, a branded company. And speaking of branded, we have one name which is regarded as one of the elite panel of sex toy forums. The name is PleasurePlayz and here are some of the popular pleasureplayz adult sex toys for men and women.

Though it would not be possible to cover up all the adult sex toys for men and women that this website has in its stock, here are a few just to give an idea:

 Cock and ball holster:

Cock and Ball Holster

Cock and Ball Holster

Though this sex toy is mainly meant for the male candidates, if one brings this to the time of intercourse, then their ladies would also get a supreme pounding experience. The material which used is stretchy and its elevated pleasure nubs will account for superlative pleasure for both the partners. The men would be able to drill their female partners more than their normal quota and when the time comes, both the partners will feel the eroticism in their erection. So this is one toy to look into

Dual penetrator Vibe:

This is one of the most popular sex toys in the market and just like the above one is universal in nature. This is a women’s sex toy but one can also bring it when engaging with their male counterparts. The material is PVC crystal essence PVC and its overall length is 10 inches. This vibrator comprises of a couple of flexible probes and a powerful multi-speed vibration controller which makes one adjusts the speed on the sensation. This is effective in sex with partners as well as for solo acts. This is also water proof and can also be used in the bathroom for some erotic arousal.

Trinity X cock ring:

Trinity X Cock Ring

Trinity X Cock Ring

One of the best things about this sex toy is that is not just allows one to go harder at their partners but also provides superb stimulation at the time of intercourse. This proves to be beneficial for both the partners. Both of them would be erotically feed and eject in much better fashion. This device comprises of a multi-speed controlling unit which allows the users to adjust the speed of this device as per their needs

Water proof wall banger:

Waterproof Wall Banger

Waterproof Wall Banger

Another one of the top adult sex toys for men and women is this water resistant wall banger. Users can enjoy wall banging with their partners all they want. This also makes way for double penetration, doubling the fun for both the user as well as the woman. The material is soft jelly which bends and reaches those crucial arousal regions. It is portable and easily cleanable.

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