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Large Dildos for Supreme Enjoyment

Dildos- there is no bigger threat to getting your noodles wet and cum filled than these sexual aides. These are manufactured by millions and will cock block you faster than any of your male partners. These dildos are like necromancers and come in all shapes and sizes. However one fact about dildos is that the bigger they are, the better the excitement. If only depends on how much you are able to take it as the excitement gotten from these dildos is limitless.

So if you are on the lookout for a place where you will get large dildos, then Pleasure Playz is your best option.  They boast of having large dildos for women and when you visit the website you will be pleased to know that the rumours; for once is absolutely true.

Hammerin Hook Dildo

So here is a look at some of the Pleasure Playz large dildos for women which they boast of.

Hammerin Hook Dildo

This dude is huge. In its measurement it is about 7.75 inches in penetrable length and about 2.4 inches in diameter at its widest point. The material used for its making is PVC and its realistic look will make take you to the edge of your limits eventually making you climax to new levels. This powerful dude has a multi-speed vibration controller which will allow you to control your vibration requirements. The toy has a solid shaft designed with both a rigid as well as soft realistic surface and is designed mainly for optimum penetration.  The color of the toy is flesh and because of its aforementioned incorporations, it is one of the top selling models in the website.

The buzzing Blue Realistic Penis Vibe

The 8-Inch Jelly Dildo Vibrator

The second in our list of dynamic dildos is this 8 inch jelly vibe. This dude is blue and its main job is to make you cum in mere minutes. With 8 inches of insertable length and 5 inches in circumference, this vibe gives the feel of a real cock. Its firm shaft moves with your body contour and by turning the dial at the base of the vibe, you will experience a mind bashing stimulation. The speed of this vibe can also be controlled owing to its speed controllers. The material used for its making is jelly.

Anal twist

This one is a must have in our bedroom drawer. This latex free polymelt rubber is about 10 inches of penetrable length and is also about 3.72 inches in its circumference at about its widest point. It is firm and comprises of a tapered handle right at the base for easy thrusting and twisting. The toy has a smooth ridged shaft for some extra stimulation. So simply fill yourself up with this supreme anal twist.

Anal Twist

Hasma Glass Dildo

This borosilicate glass is clear about 7.5 inches in total length, is versatile in usage and alluring to the eyes. This a great option for those who have trouble selecting between the numerous sensual options available in glass sex toys. It renders two contrasting shaped tips for enhanced p spot as well as g spot stimulation. Its two way shaft is smooth and sleek and using it will give you incomparable orgasmic bliss.