Some Top Dildos for Sale at Pleasure Playz

If you are a fan of dildos and are looking for a website where you can buy a decent sized one, then search no more as the website Pleasure Playz offers an unlimited supply of top class dildos to serve your needs. The dildos which you will find here are big and are made of materials which are deemed to be skin friendly. Plus they also offer benefits such as large dildos for sale having wonderful discounts attached to them thereby making the price all the more affordable.

SexFlesh Turning Tom Rotating Dildo

Here are some of the Pleasure Playz large dildos for sale

6.5 Inch All American Whopper
This All American whopper comprises of a realistic head and a veined shaft. It is 6.54 inches in length and appears just like a real cock. This is mainly because the material which is used for its making appears like a real skin. But this dildo not just looks like the real thing but also gives out sensations which are similar to a real intercourse. This toy is also quite portable in nature and is also easily cleanable. You can use it either individually as well as with your sex partners but irrespective of whichever way you use it, the pleasure obtained will be incredible. This American whopper has the reputation of making any woman cum in minutes. So this is one option which you can definitely try out.

6.5 Inch All American Whopper

Dick Rambone Cock
Number two in our list of large dildos for sale is this Dick Rambone cock. It is about 16.5 inches in full length, 13.5 inches in insertable and 7.5 inches in circumference at its widest point. This is tailor made for hard-core fucking and the moment you insert it, you will experience indescribable pleasure. It comprises of a life like head and the shaft has popping veins and balls. There is a suction cup incorporated at the bottom of this cock to allow you hand-free penetration. This is another one of the top sold out dildos in the website and so you should also include this in your list of items.

 Jelly Jewels Cock with Suction Cup Diamond
With this high quality and portable dildo, experience thrusting like never before. The material which is used for its making is Sil A gel and comprises of a realistic head and ridged shaft which take you to your limits. This dildo is about 6.75 inches in total length and about 6 inches of insert able length. It is also 4.75 inches circumference wise. This high quality dildo is beautiful in the looks department and also comprises of an in built suction cup right at the base enabling it to stick on flat surfaces.
Jelly Jewels Cock with Suction Cup Diamond
Afro American 6.5 Inch Whopper with Balls
You can also check out this Afro American 6.5 inch whopper comprising of a classic mini vibrator and a smooth outer coating. It has a multi speed massaging feature which allows you to adjust the speed as per your conveniences. It is also water proof and proves to be a great option for both beginners as well as experienced couples. It is available in an array of colors such as pink, black, purple and blue. The material used in its making is ABS plastic and it uses a single AA battery.

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