Pleasure Playz is a Hot Spot For Adult Toys

Pleasure Playz- a reputed firm in the world of sex toy manufacturers has been appreciated by numerous experts. Also users who have catered to their products have given favourable comments on its behalf.  The company considers itself universal as it contains sex toys to satisfy the needs of both the sexes. Today in this segment we are going to highlight some of their best products which the men section of the society can tend to.

Vulcan Ripe vagina Stroker

Vulcan Ripe Vagina Stroker

When we talk about Pleasure Playz best male sex toys- options galore in its website, but if we had to start off with one, then the onus would very well be on this Vulcan ripe vagina stroker. It is about 5.75 inches in length and about 2.5 inches in its diameter. This sex toy is designed to feel like the real thing and with its realistic textured quality and intensely raised pleasure ridges, you are sure to get the arousal which you crave for. The sex toy also incorporates a removable inner sleeve for simple clean up. The material used in its making is TPR and is also quite portable in nature.

Double Dipper Vibrating cock ring with anal bead

This flexible cock ring is another one of the best male sex toys is stacked with small finger-like pleasure projections. The pleasure you experience is unlike anything which you have come across.  This tool will enable you to last longer than normal and can be enjoyed solo as well as with your partners. Its vibrating mini bullet will gently tickle the taint as well as the anus on every thrust. The tool is pliable as well as durable, is cordless, disposable and runs battery free. The material used for its making is ABS plastic and TPR and in its measurement is about 0.75 inches in diameter. The color at which you will get this tool is transparent black.

Double Dipper Vibrating Cock Ring with Anal Bead

Sex Flesh Firm Pussy and Ass masturbator

This is a compact toy which has been made with an incredible sex flesh material and offers a realistic experience. This soft velvet masturbating toy has a round, firm ass and an upturned pink pussy. As soon as you put your dick inside you will feel simulations like a real intercourse. The tight pussy will enable you to burst out in no time. Both the holes are easily cleanable and the small size of this baby enables you to carry it whenever you go. It is 7 inches wide, 2.25 inches deep and about 5.5 inches tall.

SexFlesh Hermaphrodite Combo Stroker

Water proof turbo stroker.

This is another top men’s sex toy and the benefit which you get is its 3-speed turbo stroker, easy to clean feature and it’s easy to disassemble characteristic. The toy will take dicks of all sizes and will make you burst out it pleasure in mere minutes. The toy is also water proof and can also be used for some masturbation session in the bathroom. It is also portable in nature and can be fitted inside your pockets without any problems.

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