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Why More Guys Should use a Discounts Sex Toy?

Landing on Pleasure Playz ensures you have a great chance to find the best sex toys online at a discounted price. Finding a well-reputed retailer to buy sex toys can be a daunting task as there are a lot of online stores that sell unsafe sex toys. However, Pleasure Playz is a great place for sex toy searchers. Why? Because we have the largest online store selling safe and most prominent sex toys.


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Be it for men and women; find the best and safe-to-use sex toys!

Getting sex toy discounts to make the buyer feel good as getting something extra is making everyone feel out of the world. Sex gives you increased self-pleasure and is also a way of stress releasing and mood-boosting finely associated with self-satisfaction.

In the present time, people look for everything coming with something extra and sex is no exception to that. The market is full of special luxury sex toys; however, most of them are unreliable. But getting online at Pleasure Playz for sex toy discounts create the difference. We’re the only store that guarantees authentic and easy-to-use sex toys at a discounted price; making us the favorite sex toy vendor. We ship what you asked for with 100% commitment to complete satisfaction. On top of that, buying directly from the manufacturer helps you save a few bucks extra.

Discounted sex toys selling online is a great sex alternative, giving you enhanced sex experience. Most of the sex toys are sold online and can be bought by anyone in need of it. Buying them allows you to use alone or with the partner.


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Why Buy Discounted Sex Toys Online?

  • Gives increased confidence for complete satisfaction
  • Decreases the pressure of satisfying your partner
  • Helps to get multiple orgasms
  • Using sex toys allow you to discover new experimental ways
  • Aids in trying new positions
  • Helps to create better understanding and bonding between you and your partner
  • Supports greatly in fulfilling sexual fantasies

Buying sex toys at a discounted price and trying on your own can introduce you to more benefits. Also, using them during sex with a partner can turn your day/night into extra adventurous and memorable.

Pleasure Playz sex toys appear more handy to any user seeking full joy during sex. They’re often known as sex saviors because of helping users in making sex more appealing and satisfying. So, buying sex toys today isn’t a taboo anymore and plays an essential part in anyone’s life.

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Remember, having satisfactory sex makes couples’ life more happy and pleasant. Though a healthier sex life doesn’t ensure happiness in the relationship but plays a vital role in establishing a strong bonding.

Pleasure Playz takes pride in offering the best and inexpensive sex toys that guarantee unbelievable orgasm no matter if you are alone or with a partner in bed. Visit the store today & find the most suitable sex toys for you at a discounted price! Make it fast if you’re involved in a relationship!

Best Cheap Adult Toys Every Couple should try!

Tired of all the same things you are doing with your partner? Want to do something totally out of the box tonight? Ever thought about getting into cheap adult toys? I know it becomes difficult to sustain the spice in your sex life; this is exactly when you need to introduce cheap toys that are specifically designed for people of your age. Such toys spice up your sex life and help you overcome the monotony you’ve been feeling all this while.

cheap adult toys

If you want to know about the best cheap adult toys for couples, here is a list that would help you create an awesome collection:

  • Zini Deux:

This is designed for couples who wish to bring incredible sensations into their lives. This toy is an egg-shaped gadget that can be split into two different vibrators. While one of them is a convex one for stimulating the clit of your partner, the concave one is for cupping your testicles. Both the vibrators are designed to perfectly fit your hands and you can control the intensity just the way you want to. Start vibrating the toys together and indulge in an experience to remember all your life.

  • JimmyJane Form 3:

This looks like a soft bean bag, but it is tiny and bulbous! All you need to do is hold the end of this waterproof vibe and use it just like you use the mouse of your computer. Press the touch pad that vibrates and bend it just on the spot where you want to concentrate the sensation on. If you know where you want the sensation, you have it just right there. Since the material is soft and tender, your finger is felt on the most sensitive part of your partner’s voluptuous body.

  • Minna Life OLA:

Ola was born just when an engineer struggled to find out how to use a sex toy on him and his wife. He wanted to design something totally unique and that’s how this wonderful gadget came into existence. We are glad he never found out about the other cheap adult toys or else this wonderful thing would have never existed for us. The clitoral stimulation that your woman enjoys with the help of this wonderful toy is totally out of this world. You know what’s the best part? You enjoy the sensation of the vibration too!

cheap vibrators

  • Lelo Tiani:

How does golden and black combination sound to you? The color combination itself is so turning on that you feel like owning and using this couple toy right away. There is a remote for this waterproof toy that uses Sense Motion technology. You can shift between eight different modes and all you need to do is shake your wrist or simply tilt your palm. The hottest thing is that the remote vibrates as you control different patterns and speeds; you feel exactly the same sensations that she does. Sounds incredible, doesn’t it?

8 Facts about Adult Novelties that Eliminates Some Myths about them

Across the World, the sex toy business makes $15 billion annually, among which 19.2% of sales are of vibrators and 16% are of dildos. 5 % of ladies begin making use of sex toys when aged in the 20s. 12% of ladies make use of such a toy no less than once weekly for masturbating. While a mere 1% of classes during the ’70s made use of such toys, approximately 53% do currently.

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The oldest branded sex toy dates back 30,000 years and yet it took ages for us to be at ease discussing them since the discussions surrounding these adult novelties are frequently full of delusions, typecasts and sensations of embarrassment.

However, that is an age that has passed a long time back. So rather than giggle at the citation of Rabbits and Cock rings, launch an open and frank conversation based on the facts given below,

Such Items are for Everybody and not for Lonely Solitary People

Among the most off-putting fables about such items is that they’re exclusively for single, or “forlorn,” people who do have an option other than using something having a battery. This is wrong as People of all liaison statuses make use of sex toys.

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Sex Toys Enhance Good Sex

Another outdated concept is that such items are just for the ones whose sexual lives are wanting. A current study from Kinsey institution has revealed that ladies who make use of vibrators have more likelihood of keeping standard gynecological rendezvous and experience “greater degrees of desire, stimulation, lubrication, &orgasm.

Women do not Just Gain from Such Toys and Some of them require them

To be able to get a lady off is immense business, and given that ladies have orgasms no more than 64% of the time, this is also a vital business. A study done in 2009 revealed that a monstrous 75% of ladies don’t orgasm while having sex without the aid of a toy/ manual stimulation.

Sex Toys could be Actual Game-changers for Many Couples

According to Vanessa Marin, a sex therapist, the greater number of sex toys can be employed by both the sexes. Vibrators and Anal plugs and, whips, restraints, ropes, paddles, blindfolds, clamps, and electro stimulation toys are theoretically gender-neutral. She also said that several couples’ toys are there that are devised for being used together.

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Getting at Ease Discussing such Toys aids us in Discussing Sex

For a few, the real reference to of such toys could make them explode in an embarrassing giggle Nevertheless going by studies bringing such toys into a discussion, notwithstanding the preliminary giggles they could cause, can lessen guilt, shame,  or awkwardness that surrounds toys and their use.

Sex Toys Could be Helpful in Sexual Dysfunction

Besides bettering your sex life, the Pleasureplayz-adult novelties could also help in cases of dysfunction.

Such Toys can Move the Spotlight in Bedrooms for the Better

According to Dr. Ava Cadell, a specialized sex counselor, toys do not just aid ladies to gain more delight from sex. They could also help in easing a little of the hang-up that ladies could carry into bedrooms, which include insecurities regarding their bodies.

A Sex Toy is there for all

If it so happens that you get pleasure from anal play anal beads and butt plugs are grand choices. If you get more turned on by BDSM, role-play handcuffs and floggers are certainly for you.

Best Tips to Perfect Sexy Lingerie & Sex Toys for Your Anniversary

Gifting your loved one sexy lingerie can be a real turn on and if you want to surprise her on your anniversary then why not let her indulge with some sex toys and lingerie? There are plenty of options to choose from and you can spice up your romantic night quite well with the right investments. So let’s take a look five tips that you should definitely try out to make your anniversary a lot more romantic.

Stick to her style: When shopping for sexy lingerie for women make sure that you stick to her style. You do not want to make her uncomfortable by getting her products that she might not be comfortable wearing. After all, if you want to have fun with her once the night hits then you want her to be in her sexiest attire. You can simply ask her what kind of sexy lingerie she might like in case you have never purchase anything for her!

Sheer Long Sleeves Bodystocking

Mutual love is important: It’s not only your preferences that matter but her choices too. You need to get a lingerie set that you both would love. Just because something is sexy and appealing to you does not mean she might be comfortable in them. You can show her what you are looking and to make the decision making a whole lot easier.

Be playful: If you are not sure where to look for sexy lingerie you should check out Pleasure Playz – Sexy Lingerie for Women, they have a wide collection of products to choose from and you will surely find something that both of you will love. Try going for something that is a bit naughty instead of going for the classic colors.

Accessories: If you want to complete the look then you need to take a look at accessories too. Having the right accessories to spice up your night can make a huge difference in your experience. You can choose from essences to perfumes to other decorations that are aimed at uplifting the experience in your bedroom to adult games that you can play with your lover.

Fishnet Open-Bust 3-Piece Set

Sex toys can boost your experience: If you want to make the best of your experience then you should definitely add sex toys to the mix to boost your anniversary night. There are plenty of options to choose from and contrary to popular culture, sex toys are no longer considered to be taboos. People all over the world are using them and they boost your sexual experiences by a great margin, you will love the experience that you get and will surely keep coming back for more. From boosting pleasure to having an aromatic experience, there are plenty of products to choose from and you will be left spoilt for choice.

These are some of the key tips that you should keep in mind to boost your anniversary experience. Always remember that comfort is the key and if you are someone who is interested in having a gala time with your partner then these key tips can boost your sexual experiences on your anniversary by a great margin. So what are you waiting for, try out something new today and introduce your partner to the world of sexy lingerie and hot sex toys that she will love.

Pick the Perfect Sex Toy Gift for Her Birthday

Sex toys have often been considered taboos in society and there were many people who were skeptical of using them but times have changed and people are willing to experiment more often. After all who like dull sex all the time, sex toys can add a lot to the sexual experiences of people and there are sex toys that can cater to the needs of all kinds of people. Her birthday is one of the best occasions to indulge in some steaming hot sex. You will love the experience that they can provide. So what are the options to choose from when looking at sex toys?

Waterproof vibrators: If you have always loved the idea of getting the right kind of self-pleasuring experience but have not been able to take your vibrators to the bathroom then you should consider getting a waterproof vibrator. Waterproof USB vibrators are perfect companions, you can charge them on any computer or laptop and take them with you to the bathtub for some nice and sexy experiences. It’s definitely among the top 25 best inexpensive sex toys that you can get online.

Amethyst Twist Waterproof Vibrator

Butt Plugs: Getting hand crafted butt plugs can add all the difference to your sex life with enhanced experiences. Many people do not know how awesome it is to have butt plugs in your rectum. There are so many intricate nerve endings in the anal area that keeping a butt plug inserted can allow you to achieve a different level of pleasure. You can get all of this and much more at Pleasure Playz – 25 best inexpensive sex toys, which is home to some of the finest toys that you can get for all budgets.

Massage candles: If you want to set the mood for your special one’s birthday night and want to experience great massages then what better way to do it than to get a nice massage with candles lighting up your bedroom. You will love how massage candles can be used to pour wax on your back and create a scented atmosphere that will turn you on. You will love how intimate things can get with the right toys. There are many products to choose from when it comes to massage candles and you need to ensure you get products that are safe to use.

Edible Massage Candle

Cuffs: Why not dish out some punishment to your partner in a sexy way? Most women like being handcuffed in bed. And fear not, sex toy handcuffs are different from ones you would expect to see being carried around by cops. They come in fancy colors and have soft insides to make sure your partner is comfortable and does not hurt her hands. Being in control is one of the best feelings in bed and if you are in the mood then you can let her take over as well and let her control every move that you make.

Strict Leather Suede Lined Cuffs

Squeal: Squeal toys are the very best if you happen to be away from your partner due to work. It comes with lots of flappy tongues that can please her at the click of a button. All she needs to do is put the toy between her legs and the Squeal toy does the rest. She will truly be pleased with the experience that it provides.

These are just some of the amazing toys that you can get, there are plenty more to choose from so keep exploring for more fun filled stuff that can brighten up her birthday.

Some Top Dildos for Sale at Pleasure Playz

If you are a fan of dildos and are looking for a website where you can buy a decent sized one, then search no more as the website Pleasure Playz offers an unlimited supply of top class dildos to serve your needs. The dildos which you will find here are big and are made of materials which are deemed to be skin friendly. Plus they also offer benefits such as large dildos for sale having wonderful discounts attached to them thereby making the price all the more affordable.

SexFlesh Turning Tom Rotating Dildo

Here are some of the Pleasure Playz large dildos for sale

6.5 Inch All American Whopper
This All American whopper comprises of a realistic head and a veined shaft. It is 6.54 inches in length and appears just like a real cock. This is mainly because the material which is used for its making appears like a real skin. But this dildo not just looks like the real thing but also gives out sensations which are similar to a real intercourse. This toy is also quite portable in nature and is also easily cleanable. You can use it either individually as well as with your sex partners but irrespective of whichever way you use it, the pleasure obtained will be incredible. This American whopper has the reputation of making any woman cum in minutes. So this is one option which you can definitely try out.

6.5 Inch All American Whopper

Dick Rambone Cock
Number two in our list of large dildos for sale is this Dick Rambone cock. It is about 16.5 inches in full length, 13.5 inches in insertable and 7.5 inches in circumference at its widest point. This is tailor made for hard-core fucking and the moment you insert it, you will experience indescribable pleasure. It comprises of a life like head and the shaft has popping veins and balls. There is a suction cup incorporated at the bottom of this cock to allow you hand-free penetration. This is another one of the top sold out dildos in the website and so you should also include this in your list of items.

 Jelly Jewels Cock with Suction Cup Diamond
With this high quality and portable dildo, experience thrusting like never before. The material which is used for its making is Sil A gel and comprises of a realistic head and ridged shaft which take you to your limits. This dildo is about 6.75 inches in total length and about 6 inches of insert able length. It is also 4.75 inches circumference wise. This high quality dildo is beautiful in the looks department and also comprises of an in built suction cup right at the base enabling it to stick on flat surfaces.
Jelly Jewels Cock with Suction Cup Diamond
Afro American 6.5 Inch Whopper with Balls
You can also check out this Afro American 6.5 inch whopper comprising of a classic mini vibrator and a smooth outer coating. It has a multi speed massaging feature which allows you to adjust the speed as per your conveniences. It is also water proof and proves to be a great option for both beginners as well as experienced couples. It is available in an array of colors such as pink, black, purple and blue. The material used in its making is ABS plastic and it uses a single AA battery.

Lubes and Creams Under 15 USD

The pleasure playz is a one stop solution for people who are on the lookout for sex tools and accessories. It is a top class website known to serve top class sex equipment to its long line of customers. Here were are going to talk about pleassureplayz lubes and cream, so those who want to know about it, just follow the article by close range.
Some of the best lubes and creams which one would get in this website:

Anal-Eze Gel ($9.74 )
This is the first in our list of lubes and creams which this website provides to its users. The main ingredients which go into it making are Propylene, carbomer 940, glycol, benzocaine, triethanolamine and as for the cream, it is water based.

Anal-Eze Gel

Anal-Eze Gel

Gun Oil Silicone Lube ($11.89 )
It is mainly a silicon lubricant which is mixed with aloe Vera and vitamin E. It is extremely smooth and gives out no irritation. It is condom safe and proves to be adequate for any given situation. Men will feel great about keeping their dicks well lubricated for the most intense of penetrations.

Gun Oil Silicone Lube

Gun Oil Silicone Lube

Wet Original Gel Body Glide ($12.74)
This is one of the websites specialities and people from all corners of the world are tending to its usage. The ingredients include vitamin E and aloe Vera; it is odour less, colourless and also is water based. It also condom compatible and perfect for those who want to experience viscous gel like lubricants! It also stays wet for long and provides a wonderful penetration experience.

Wet Original Gel Body Glide

Wet Original Gel Body Glide

Liquid Sex Desensitizing Anal Lube – 4oz ($12.74 )
With this option, one would be able to go all out in their anal play. It is slippery, wet, and odourless and the formula is a wonderful alternative to some of the silicon based lubes available in the market. It is heavily desensitizing and makes way for supreme pleasure and comfort.

Liquid Sex Desensitizing Anal Lube - 4oz

Liquid Sex Desensitizing Anal Lube – 4oz

Passion Spearmint Clit Sensitizer ($12.74)
This delivers a wonderful sex sensation which enhances oral sex between both the partners. It is light non-sticky and helps to heighten the clitoral awareness with its cool sensations. Just apply it on the business area and liven up things with a cool spearmint tickle.

Passion Spearmint Clit Sensitizer

Passion Spearmint Clit Sensitizer

China Shrink Cream ($11.60)
Just apply the cream on the vaginal region and in just 5 minutes, this muscle tightening cream will make it all nice and tight. This will make way for a more intense penetration experience. It will also increase the overall sensitiveness to superb stimulation.

China Shrink Cream

China Shrink Cream

Jizz Water Based Cum Scented Lube ($12.74 )
This lubricant resembles a look and appearance of an authentic cum. It is musky and creamy looking like the real thing and the best thing is that it cleans up easily. So, just jizz in the bottle whenever one feels

Jizz Water Based Cum Scented Lube (8.5 oz)

Jizz Water Based Cum Scented Lube (8.5 oz)

Passion Natural Water-Based Lubricant – 0.25 oz. Single Use Pouch ($1.49)
It’s wonderful formulate will keep one moist for longer periods and will make way for extended hours in bed. It works well with all the given toys and is also easily washable with water or mild soaps.

Passion Natural Water-Based Lubricant - 0.25 oz Single Use Pouch

Passion Natural Water-Based Lubricant – 0.25 oz Single Use Pouch

Astro glide Original Formula Lubricant
The main feature of this lube is that it provides whisper light lubrication for supreme sexual intimacy. It is a perfect moisturizer for vagina dryness and is perfect for travel also.

Master Series Ass Relax Desensitizing Lubricant – 4.25 oz. ($12.74)
This will help ease out the possible discomforts which usually is associated with anal play. This liquid will make way for easy gliding and create a numbing but pleasing sensation.

Master Series Ass Relax Desensitizing Lubricant - 4.25 oz

Master Series Ass Relax Desensitizing Lubricant – 4.25 oz

The pleasure playz is known for its innovative sex toys!

We all have come across the name of the website pleasure! It is a top quality website known to provide top quality sex toys. This website is quite universal in nature and is known to serve the best interests of both the sexes of the society.

One of the prime reasons for the website stature and reputation in the market is firstly the quality of products which is renders to its exclusive number of customers and secondly due to the innovation and vividness which they have in each of these sex toys. They are constantly functioning to upgrade their collection and bring in sex toys of better quality and efficiency, so that every time a customer caters to their website and tends to their products, they are fascinated with its exclusivity and uniqueness. This is a very important thing to do especially with so many other companies existing in the market, waiting to seize any opportunity.

Ladies Pleasure Kit

Ladies Pleasure Kit

The new sex toys which the website offers to its customers:
So, on that note we are going to present before our readers, some of the classic new products added to the pleasure playz sex toys online store. Just check it out!

5 Piece Anal Trainer Set
First in our list of pleasure playz- classic new products added to the pleasure playz sex toys online store is this anal trainer set. This is one of the latest launches in the website and many people are tending to it. The dimensions of the small to largest is 3.25 in length, about .95 in diameter/ 3.75 inches in length and 1.2 inches in diameter/ 4.25 inches in length and 1.5 inches in diameter/ 4.5 inches in length and 1.65 in diameter/ 5 inches in length and 1.9 inches in diameter. It is a toy which allows anal play of all sorts. Each of these plugs are tapered and shaped to be fitted inside easily and each of these plugs gives out its own sexual stimulation and pleasure. It is flexible in nature and owing to its semi-rigid rubber it is quite firm and easily insertable. So this is one of the new inventions which this website offers to its customers!

5 Piece Anal Trainer Set

5 Piece Anal Trainer Set

Acute Dildo
Option number two for the visitors to look into is this acute dildo. The measurement of this tool is about 5.5 inches in length and about 1.5 inches in diameter. The material which is used in its making is silicon and is available in two colours, light purple and total black. It is suitable for both anal as well as vaginal pleasure. It is easily washable and can be easily carried around anywhere one feels. All one has to do is shove it inside the glory hole and playing with it for just a few minutes will make one cum enormously. It can be used for both solo acts as well as with the partners. However one word of caution, it should not be used with silicon based lube!

Acute Dildo

Acute Dildo

Third in our list of classic new products added to the pleasure playz sex toys online store offers to its customers is this one here. It is a wonderful combination of prostrate stimulator as well as perineum stimulator. It is designed for mostly beginners and its soft and flexible silicon material makes it extremely comfortable to use. It is also certified as safe for skin. The tool comprises of RO-80MM powerful bullet which can also be removed making way for the silicone to be cleaned effectively!



To know more about these new products as well as the other stack which exists in the website, just log in!

For people on the look-out for cheap but effective sex toys, visit the pleasure playz website now!

An overview;
For people who are on the look-out for top quality sex toys, they would find that there are quite a few which they can tend to. But if one wants the best, the then very few would match up to the products and stature which the pleasure playz has in the existing market. This is a one stop solution for people to want top quality but cost-effective sex toys.
This website has tools of the trade to satisfy both the sexes of the society. No matter whatever one is looking for, they would definitely get their answers right here in this wonderful sex trading web forum.
Some cheap toys which the website renders to its users:
For people who are looking to find Some Best Selling Price Drop Adult Toys under $5, here are some potent options which this website offers to them. Follow closely!


Pink Crush Vibrating Nipple Clamps

Pink Crush Vibrating Nipple Clamps


Super Stretch Universal Cock Ring
The first in the list for people visiting Pleasure playz to find Some Best Selling Price Drop Adult Toys under $5 is this baby here. The material used in its making is TPR and the colour is transparent. This cock ring is flexible and can take in cocks of all shapes and sizes. All one has to do it fit it into the cock and watch the fun. The cock ring restricts the bold flow allowing the dick to become bigger and last for longer periods of time. And eventually when the time comes, the erection which one would get would simply be out of this world. So this is first option to look into.


Trinity X Cock Ring

Trinity X Cock Ring


Beaded Texture Cock Sleeve
This is another super cool sex toy for the sex toy seekers to consider. The colour of the toy is pink and it made with TPR and ABS plastic. As for its measurements, it is about 2 inches in length and about 1 inch in diameter. With just stretching the beaded cock sleeve over the dick, one would be able to attain magnificent stimulation with the partner. The coated beads renders wonderful stimulation as it moves in and out and it’s superb fit allows it to stay put even at the most rigorous of activities. This is also portable by nature and can be taken to any place one pleases. So this is option two for our readers to look into.


Beaded Texture Cock Sleeve

Beaded Texture Cock Sleeve

Bust a Nut Cock Ring
This is a very popular cock ring which people regularly log into this website to tend to. The material used for its make is TPE and the colour is black. In its measurements, it is about 1.65 inches in external diameter and about 0.75 inches in internal diameter. The flexible nature of the toy makes way to take in dicks of all shapes and sizes. It can be used for masturbating alone or at the time of intercourse with the sex partner. It will make one go for longer spans of time and when the time arrives for ejection, it will prove to be blissful for both the user as well as their sex accomplice. So this is another toy which one must have in their arsenal.


Tom of Finland 3 Piece Cock Nuts

Tom of Finland 3 Piece Cock Nuts


Apart from these few, there are numerous other toys for folks visiting the website in hope to find Some Best Selling Price Drop Adult Toys under $5.
So without wasting any further time, just visit the website and bring home one of such cost-effective toys of pleasure!

Some Important Sex Tips

There is no saying that sex diminishes with the passage of age. It doesn’t have to a thing for the past. This is not what we say; it is the opinion of several experts. The main thing which plays a key role in keeping sex alive in long term relationship is the desire and will. The will to still   engage in an inter-course with their partners, is what keeps sex alive even in a long tenure relationship. In between all that sex toys play a crucial role. They give sexual pleasure an entire new definition.

Some Important Sex Tips

In our article for today we are going to deal with such relevant facts. So those who are interested can just browse through the article below; (more…)