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Why More Guys Should use a Discounts Sex Toy?

Landing on Pleasure Playz ensures you have a great chance to find the best sex toys online at a discounted price. Finding a well-reputed retailer to buy sex toys can be a daunting task as there are a lot of online stores that sell unsafe sex toys. However, Pleasure Playz is a great place for sex toy searchers. Why? Because we have the largest online store selling safe and most prominent sex toys.


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Be it for men and women; find the best and safe-to-use sex toys!

Getting sex toy discounts to make the buyer feel good as getting something extra is making everyone feel out of the world. Sex gives you increased self-pleasure and is also a way of stress releasing and mood-boosting finely associated with self-satisfaction.

In the present time, people look for everything coming with something extra and sex is no exception to that. The market is full of special luxury sex toys; however, most of them are unreliable. But getting online at Pleasure Playz for sex toy discounts create the difference. We’re the only store that guarantees authentic and easy-to-use sex toys at a discounted price; making us the favorite sex toy vendor. We ship what you asked for with 100% commitment to complete satisfaction. On top of that, buying directly from the manufacturer helps you save a few bucks extra.

Discounted sex toys selling online is a great sex alternative, giving you enhanced sex experience. Most of the sex toys are sold online and can be bought by anyone in need of it. Buying them allows you to use alone or with the partner.


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Why Buy Discounted Sex Toys Online?

  • Gives increased confidence for complete satisfaction
  • Decreases the pressure of satisfying your partner
  • Helps to get multiple orgasms
  • Using sex toys allow you to discover new experimental ways
  • Aids in trying new positions
  • Helps to create better understanding and bonding between you and your partner
  • Supports greatly in fulfilling sexual fantasies

Buying sex toys at a discounted price and trying on your own can introduce you to more benefits. Also, using them during sex with a partner can turn your day/night into extra adventurous and memorable.

Pleasure Playz sex toys appear more handy to any user seeking full joy during sex. They’re often known as sex saviors because of helping users in making sex more appealing and satisfying. So, buying sex toys today isn’t a taboo anymore and plays an essential part in anyone’s life.

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Remember, having satisfactory sex makes couples’ life more happy and pleasant. Though a healthier sex life doesn’t ensure happiness in the relationship but plays a vital role in establishing a strong bonding.

Pleasure Playz takes pride in offering the best and inexpensive sex toys that guarantee unbelievable orgasm no matter if you are alone or with a partner in bed. Visit the store today & find the most suitable sex toys for you at a discounted price! Make it fast if you’re involved in a relationship!

5 Sex Toys That You Can Gift Him

Sex toys aren’t just meant for solo sessions, sex toys have found their way into the lives of couples and have been turning vanilla into flavor experiences. If your relationship has matured to a point where you two discuss your sexuality openly, it time to gift him better things. By better, we mean sex toys and to make your life easier, here are 5 sex toys that you can gift him.

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Big O Multi-Stage Vibrating Penis Ring

If you think you have seen all that is there in the world of vibrating penis rings, this one will change your thoughts. The Big O multi-stage vibrating penis rings has 9 different modes of operations. When in use, it switches through the different modes and cycles through them on its own making it ‘somewhat unique and wildly different’. It also has a clitoris tickler which will help the lady in reaching orgasm faster than ever.

Stronic Drei

It looks like a vibrator but it’s anything but that. It does not vibrate or move side to side. It moves in and out, exerting a thrust on the user’s vagina or ass. This toy has recently been inducted in the best sex toys for him by Pleasureplayz around the world. The man can use it on her lady, on himself or involve it in creative ways (think double penetration maybe) in couple plays for ultimate pleasure. It is going to make her drop her vibrator again and never pick it again, ever!

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A&E Complete Lovers Kit

It looks scary at first but once you check out the kit closely, you will notice that it has some of the most basic sex toys for couples in the set. These sex toys are usually geared towards beginners to novice users who are still learning the art of using sex toys in the play. The kit has a multi speed vibrator, a giant 8-inch anal bead strip, a high quality penis ring, three sleeves – rabbit, nubby and swirled, for varying action and finally, the Ben Wa balls.

Clone – A –Willy and Clone – A – Pussy

There was a time when porn stars had this honor. However, with Clone – A – Willy and Clone – A – Pussy, you get to earn the experience. This DIY home kit allows you to close his willy and clone her pussy to keep it with yourself. This toy is particularly very useful for couples in a long distance relationship. However, we recommend it to everyone just for the sake of fun and a rather different experience.

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Cobra Libre II

It looks like a cobra head but sucks like a perfect hooker. The device covers the head of the penis and vibrates to make the man cum. The speed and vibration pattern can be adjusted and changed at an instant. It stimulated the part of the penis which is mostly ignored (but no more). Use it for masturbation or with a partner when doing it is not an option. The experience will be different and lovable, we promise.

The Best Adult Sex Toys Trends for 2019 – Pleasureplayz

2018 was a great year for sex toys enthusiast, and with the onset of 2019, we are already looking ahead with excitement. We have already built the sex toys for long distance relationships. We have giant dildos available in every corner of the world. Slutty high heels and latex gloves are now mainstream. So, what’s left? What are we going to experience in 2019 that will be new?

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We had a word with a few experts from the Pleasureplayz adult sex toys industry, and the insights they shared were cool. Not just cool, most of them were mind-blowing and we just cannot stop imagining the possibilities. Let us take you through some of these.

The Use of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence or AI is one thing that many people are thinking right now. This technology will make sex toys smarter and (supposedly) safer. What does an intelligent sex toy look like? The sex toys will learn how you use them. For example, if you use a vibrator, first at a slow speed, then after 2 minutes you push it to the max and then after 5 minutes, you push it back to the minimum, an intelligent sex toy will learn the pattern. After a couple of uses, the sex toy will do this on its own removing the need of your inputs. Smarter sex toys will use more AI capabilities. For example, they can use voice recognition, paired up with your personal assistant devices (like Google Home or Amazon Alexa) and even produce dirty sounds over your home theatre system as you use them and as your body sends feedback to them.

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Classy  Things

Slutty heels and all those things were a hit until 2018 but 2019 will be a year when the classy things take over. High heels, which are the world’s favorite fetish toys will replace the slutty heels. However, the studs, metal heels, and ballbusting boots will still be in fashion. Next, the clothing will be all revamped. The latex will make a comeback, rubber as we know it now will be minimum (or will phase out). The fashion for adult entertainment will be evident in the porn videos and the kinky videos will be the ones where most of the changes will be visible.

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No Relationship Sex Toys

There are enough sex toys for couples and this year, the industry will focus on recreating sex toys with single people in mind. The wands, dildos and vibrators will be reinvented with out of the box technologies. We are anticipating even powerful vibrators and larger dildos. The sex industry has witnessed a huge demand in vibrators in the last few years and this year, they are planning to meet all of them. So, if you are planning to buy a vibrator, we would recommend to wait for March 2019 to end and then go ahead with the best available option. Also, the vibrators will be available in several price range with several different configurations. Pick the one that suits you!

Lessons From Sex Toys: You Have to Let Other People Try Things Out

Let’s get a little comical today. Let’s look at one thing that, in an everyday routine might not be the best teacher, but really, it teaches us a lot – the sex toys. There was a time when these things were small and little but now, these toys have grown larger and even human-sized (for example sex robots) and yet they do the same thing which they were doing a couple of decades back. So, what have they been teaching us?

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They Teach us to Please us, Well Most of Us.

When was the last time you did something to make someone else happy? Do you even try to make people happy? Your sex toy is constantly sucking and fucking you to see you smile and content. The sigh of relief that you let out after a good fuck is a reward for your sex toy. What do you do make the people around you smile? I am not asking you to give a hand or ahead but do something for the others around you and you will feel happier.

That Being said, you Cannot make Everyone Happy.

Even adult sex toys are not compatible with everyone’s body. There are some pleasureplayz adult sex toys that would fit you and some that would not fit you. However, you will only get to know which sex toys do not fit you if you try them. Similarly, you cannot make everyone around you happy; but unless you give it a try, you will never know who are the people that could really use your help.

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There are Compatibility Issues

What happens if you keep on using an ill-fitting sex toy? Does it bring pleasure or pain? Sometimes you have to give up on the most exotic sex toy because all it is going to do bring you pain. Similar is our life. Sometimes you have to give up on the most exciting and most beautiful human in your life because all they do harm you. Except that certain things and certain relations are not meant for you and deal with it.

It Can be Difficult at First, But it is Exciting

Remember the first time you used a sex toy? Do you remember all the fears in your head? Things in real life are similar. The first time is always going to be hard, but once you are past it, the fun begins. You will have to gather courage and be motivated on your own to pull it through. So, do not be afraid because every great thing has a difficult beginning.

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If you think about it, adult sex toys are the most selfless things in the world. Their life revolves around your dick or your pussy or your boobs, whatever you carry. They spend all their life sucking your privates and then getting back in their boxes or pouches, and they still stay happy. This is the kind of positivity that every one of us needs in our lives. But is it worth it?

Most Popular Adult Sex Toys For Couples By The Pleasure Chest 2018.

Are you satisfied in your sex life? About eighty percent of couples are not. The reason for “NO” is that they don’t apply any interesting thing in their bed. Healthier sex activities make healthier sex life. If you are not happy in sex with your partner, don’t worry try to make him or her happy by adding some interesting things in your bed. Yes, we mean adult sex toys.

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Don’t get hesitate while hearing the name of sex toys. It’s your body and you have the full right to enjoy every sexual part of your body. It is not compulsory that only singles can use sex toys to overcome the absence of your partner. If you are a couple, then there is a lot of variety of sex toys that you can use. At our platform Pleasureplayz, we have a collection of some Adult Sex Toys for Couples:

  • Fifty Shades Darker Dark Desire
  • Deluxe Couples Kit
  • Mingle 4 Piece Electro Couples Kit
  • Lelo Tian I 24k
  • Partner Plus Couples Vibrator
  • Nuru Couples Body to Body Gel…
  • Double Touch Couples Stimulator
  • Sportsheets Bondage Bedsheet
  • Backslide Anal Lubricant 4.4 fl oz
  • Trinity Anal Trainer Set
  • J Prostate Massager
  • Stand and Deliver Sex Position Body.

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If you never used sex toys in your life, we suggest you buy at least one sex toy for you. It can add more spice while doing sex your bed. With the help of Pleasureplayz adult sex toys, one can get the over satisfactory orgasm like fingering, masturbating, and intercourse. Women and men use the vibrators, dildos and other male sex machines to Consummate their sexual fantasies. Not only singles, but couples also use them to enhance the pleasure of their sex period.

At pleasure playz, we offer discounted sex toys for all ages of adults. All sex toys and other sex tools are presently online at our platform. You can be warmed up with the use of these sex toys. Couples can add more spice to their intercourse and can have an awesome feeling of soft or wild sex.

Above we have mentioned some popular sex toys that couples can use to enhance a great flavor in their sex. But it is just that your sex toy is always clean and safe. You must wash and rinse properly before using sex toys If you are a couple, you must be open to each other. Making fun of each other’s body will make you more and more exciting. You will go up to every limit of the pleasure. Before sex, you can feel and rub your body on your partner’s body and then you can apply your sex toys in doing the sex. After using the adult sex toys, you will feel the exact difference. So, we suggest buying sex toys from our online store.