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5 Tips to Buy the Best Sex Toys for Beginners

In the last decade or so, sex toy industry has boomed and grown by several folds. Right from a simple dildo to the VR powered automatic masturbators, sex toy industry is now fulfilling everyone’s needs and dreams. If you are a first time user, here are 5 tips that will help you pick the best sex toys.
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Understand your Need:  Before you begin your search or shopping spree, ask yourself: “why do I need it?” Different sex toys serve different purposes. So, the purpose of buying a sex toy will largely determine the kind of sex toy you should be looking at. For example, if you are looking for sex toys that can make masturbation fun, you should be looking at masturbators and blow up dolls. For couple sex toys, look at cock rings; and so on.

Define the Budget: You will be amazed to know that sex toys can range anywhere from 9 USD to 9999 USD. However, as a first time buyer, we would recommend you to limit your budget to a couple of hundreds at max. While the sex toy promise fun, not every human being finds them usable for a long duration of time. I know people who would give up the world for their masturbators and I also know people who threw their sex toys away right after the first couple of uses. Since you do not know your body’s reaction to sex toys yet, keep the investment low.

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Look for Deals: A lot of websites provide sex toy discounts and this is when you should buy your first sex toy. Discounted products do not mean low quality toys, it merely means that the brands are willing to make a loss on the unsold products to make space for newer and better online sex toys from pleasureplayz  to arrive on the shelves. Similarly, you might also want to check out coupon websites and advertisements. All this can amount to a huge saving. Once your body is accustomed to sex toys, you may invest in bigger, costlier sex toys as per your convenience.

Couples have Different Needs: If you are a couple who is looking for ways to spice up your life, I would never recommend investing in toys like a sex doll. Some sex toys are meant for singles and as a couple, you do not need them. Before you pick a sex toy, read online reviews about how couples around the world are using it. If you fail to find anything about a couple using a particular sex toy, chances are that that particular toy is not meant for couples.

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Buy from a Reliable Source: Buying a sex toy is an investment. Always ensure that you buy from a reputed store. This is important because if you aren’t investing in a reliable store, you might end up buying duplicate or low quality products. Such products can harm your sexual health and sex appetite. Sex toys are meant for fun and this is the last thing that they should be delivering.

Busting Top Bondage Myths for Your Own Good

Even after the success of the movie 50 Shades of Grey, bondage has not been able to lose its taboo character. But, why should it lose its taboo character? It involves a lot of stuff, that is far from normal for the majority of people; and even if you are into bondage, you cannot consume everything that it offers as it is. You need a good amount of practice, safety and passion to pull off an act of bondage with your partner successfully. Nevertheless, if you are into bondage, you need to read this. We are busting some myths that surround the fetish and we want you to listen.
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You can Either be Submissive or be Dominant: A lot of people think that being submissive or being dominant is the only option they have in the bondage relationship. The truth is you can be both in the same night. You can start off as a dominant and degrade, humiliate, kick and make your partner kiss your ass; and while they are in the act, you can suddenly transfer the power to them and go down on your knees and start worshipping their feet. It all depends on how dynamic a personality do you carry in a relationship.

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BDSM is only Enjoyable If You have a Fetish: A fetish adds fun to the act of BDSM, however, it is not a requirement. Bondage makes you happy in a different way than a fetish. A fetish satisfies your need to have a certain experience, while in using Pleasureplayz cheap adult toys &  bondage, you get the rush from the fact that you are put in charge of the situation. Bondage is practiced by several couples in their bedroom and if there is anything that we can establish from this fact is another fact that bondage does not require you to have a fetish. However, if you have a fetish, be open about it. It will add to the fun of BDSM.

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Bondage is About Being Cruel:  Well, it involves a certain level of violence but it is not exactly cruelty. First, the people involved in the act have stated their consent to be in a certain situation or position; and second, it involves passionately sexy moves that turn on both the parties. The only cruelty it should involve is denying a sexual release or ruining an orgasm. Other than that, humiliation, whipping, tickling, ball busting, worshipping, trampling, slapping, spanking and everything else should happen with consent, in the presence of a safe word, and it should bring mutual happiness.

Bondage does not Involve Sex Toys: Well, no one has yet written down the rules of bondage and thus using or not using sex toys is a matter of personal choice. We recommend involving the best male sex toys like masturbators and female sex toys like vibrators only after you two have fully understood how these will be used and how to instruct each other to stop using them.