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How to Use a Vibrating Cock Ring?

One of the most popular sex toy is the cock ring. While the design is pretty straightforward, a lot of couples struggle with putting it to the right use. Now, a cock ring can come in various colors and power levels; however, the usage stays the same. Let’s find out more about it.

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Before we begin, how does a cock ring work?

A cock ring is a simple sex toy that is worn around the dick during the intercourse. Now, when a man is excited and turned on, a lot of blood is sent to the penis which makes the penis and erect and hard. As soon as the blood flowing out of the penis, the muscles of the dick relax and you lose an erection. A cock ring in this case is a device designed to stop the blood from flowing out of the penis. Thus, you last longer and do it better.

Does this really work?

There are reasons why Pleasureplayz cock ring has earned the reputation of being one of the best sex toys for him. It easily competes with some of the best sex toys that cost a hefty amount of money and still fail to deliver. A cock ring in that sense is a very practical and cheap adult sex toy that enhances the sexual pleasure.

best sex toys for him

How to wear a cock ring?

Whether vibrating or not, wearing a cock ring is pretty simple. Some models just slide on the erection, while others work via a locking mechanism. It is best to check the user manual included with the product to check the right way to wear the model of cock ring that you have bought. Irrespective of the model, the cock ring should be at the base of the shaft, as close to the ball sack as possible.

Since a cock ring has to delay the flow of the blood out of the penis, make sure that the cock is tightly locked on the base of the shaft. In case the ring is not tight, the blood will easily flow out of the cock and whole idea of using the cock ring will be nullified.

How are vibrating rings different from the usual rings?

Before the difference, let’s talk about the similarities: both the cock rings are worn near the base of the shaft. Both the cock rings work on the same principle and take your sexual experience to a whole new level.

best sex toys for him

Coming back to the differences, a vibrating cock ring has an additional mechanism in it. It has a motor which produces vibrations when switched on. The vibrations produce sensations that are enhance the pleasure and the experience of using a cock ring. Some models of the cock rings come with a control to increase or decrease the intensity of the vibrations which make the sex play a little more interactive.

Can a cock ring be your first sex toy?

Yes, it can. It is simple to use. It has a pretty straight forward concept; and it requires minimum maintenance. All this make it a perfect first sex toy for everyone.

5 Best Sex Toys Every Man Should Own

If you are looking to make an investment in enhancing your sexual pleasures, it will be worth checking out this list of sex toys for men that are hot and deliver what they promise. Now, while making the recommendations, we put into consideration a few major factors like price, return on investment, practicality and scalability in terms of gaining experience.

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Textured Male Masturbation Sleeves – Tenga Egg: These are masturbation sleeves that are delivered inside cute eggs. You can either buy one or a pack of 6 that are packaged like a crate of 6 eggs. They look cute, adorable and function absolutely well. Every sleeve has a different texture and hence every new sleeve promises a new sensation. These masturbators are budget friendly, practical and totally worth trying.

Dual Automatic Male Masturbator – Own Pleasures:  For the times when you have masturbated so much that your hands start to ache or when you want a hands-free experience, this 10 speed bad boy does the job for you. You just slide your penis inside it, select one of the 10 speeds and then launch your device. It mimics the feeling of the fingers and slides up and down your shaft until you are satisfied.

inexpensive sex toys

Satisfy thy Men – Satisfyer:  Satisfyer is a revolutionary product. Not only does it mimic the vagina (much like other devices), it even mimics the body temperature to give you the utmost pleasure and feeling of being inside a live human being. The device warms up to 104 degree Fahrenheit and does a pretty amazing job. I would totally recommend this product to every one looking for a more human experience with a sex toy.

As human as it can get – Fleshlight Turbo: If you are an unexperienced sex toy user or if you are looking for inexpensive sex toys from pleasureplayz, this one is totally not for you. It costs a lot, but, it is worth every penny. It comes with a host of features. It can be used on manual mode, auto mode, feels like real skin and has the easiest maintenance in its class. I could go on and on about this product but since it is an expensive toy that should only be bought if you have ample of money, let’s skip the big review for the moment and move to the next one.

inexpensive sex toys

Pro Prostate Massager – Aneros: Aneros has been around for a while and it has earned a reputation of being the best prostate massager in the market. It is shaped like a trident and might seem scary at first. However, if you look at it from the practicality point of view, it’s shape is what makes it so user friendly and easy to use. It has been designed to facilitate easy insertion and stay put in its position even if the user moves a lot. The sex toy is long enough to reach to your prostate and massage it with every moment of your body. A lot of men use a prostate massager while having sex since the to and fro motion during the intercourse provides for the perfect movements required for a hot prostate massage.